For newborn babies, the respiratory system is relatively fragile and sensitive, and it will be hurt by polluted gases in the air and polluted gases emitted by certain materials. When choosing baby products, they must be environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Especially for cribs, it is known that newborn babies sleep more than ten hours a day. Most of the time is spent in bed. It is necessary to choose carefully.

Many people say they choose wooden when choosing a crib. But there are many kinds of wood, wood particle board, plywood, veneer wood. In fact, cribs made of materials like this should not be considered. These contain glue. In particular, there is a kind of crib made of chipboard, which should be abandoned.

The cribs in our country are made of pine wood at most. The pine wood itself will have a scent of pine. The crib made of good pine wood can meet the environmental standards. Therefore, more people choose pine, after all, its price is still acceptable to many people.

There are also cribs made of fir and beech wood, with good quality and environmental protection. You can also start picking.

The advantage of Chinese fir bed is its beautiful lines. The woody fragrance of Chinese fir can also inhibit the bacteria in the air, but the furniture of Chinese fir bed is easy to dry and deform.

The beech furniture bed is bright and durable. But beech is also prone to cracks and deformation.

The cribs of the above materials, no matter which one you choose. After buying it, let it dry for a period of time before giving it to the baby to use it!