Transforming cribs to bookshelves and lockers
▼ When the kid is going to school, you can transform the crib into a desk! See, these desks also come with small bookcases!

▼Can the magazines and newspapers at home be organized in this way?

▼You can also put some daily necessities on cribs, or put some seasonings in the kitchen. Occasionally eat hot pot or more dishes, you can also take out and put various ingredients!

▼ Hang clothes by the crib! This is the most simple and practical!

Transformed to sofa chair
▼Remove the side fence of the crib, put on a soft and comfortable pillow, a warm and cute sofa is born.

▼When guests coming, the sofa is not enough to sit, the baby cot can solve this problem well.

▼Place crib in the yard or on the balcony. In the afternoon, sit and drink tea and enjoy the sun!

Turn into a small table
▼Improve the bed base of the crib, and then remove the side rails, the small crib instantly becomes a stylish and simple desk, Put on a small potted plant, and instantly fill the idyllic fresh wind. Seeing the tables that these cribs turn into, do you think the maker is a versatile person!

▼ Baby independent reading table

▼The small bed is transformed into a table, and a blackboard desktop is added on it, and children can freely graffiti and write on it.

Transform to parent-child space
▼ DIY a pocket kitchen space, let children play in each house.

▼ Parent-child reading area after dinner.

Transform pet cage
▼ This does not need much introduction, parents will understand at a glance!